Big Brave Dog has been supporting agencies for seven years in executing complex digital and print solutions where brand integrity, value and continuity are essential. We have a solid reputation for delivering very high quality creative for both pitches and end solutions.

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From Scotland to Cornwall via London, our clients value the passion we have for everything digital, branded or printed. This is a small taster of our work.


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we are a group of independent, focused people, working together to make the web a nicer and more usable world.

Rob Jenkins


"20 years at the bleedin' edge of Digital. From global multinationals to one man companies, the work is massively varied, but that's what keeps it fun. One day you can be working on Lamborghini, the next an art gallery in Edinburgh. Variety is the spice of life and I love this work. There's always some problem itching to be solved."

Rob Jenkins

Founder, Creative Director
Kim Jenkins


Kim has been running the accounts and maintaining the health of the company for the last 7 years. She always ensures there's enough in the pot to keep the pups fed and watered.

Kim Jenkins

The Pack

The Pack

We like to keep our work in-house if we can, but sometimes you need extra special skills. This is when we call upon The Pack, a group of keen professionals who know their craft inside and out and do it for love, and obviously because we pay them.

The Pack

Digital Specialists

how we work together...

The highly technical care and precision we put into our work always makes projects very intense, so to maintain our sanity and keep our business flowing, we also use our extensive experience on a more varied range of creative projects.

We love creating 'eye candy' for other companies small, medium, large or new and enjoy helping others visually punch above their weight, make people take notice and help them raise their profile.

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When we are not drinking coffee, we strive to create unique and memorable digital experiences from begining to end.



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this is were we at Big Brave Dog share our love for design, media and coffee


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